Fresh Mulch Goes
A Long Way

Windwood Property Services offers Saugatuck residents mulch delivery with optional installation.

Mulch Provides Health Benefits For Your Plants

Mulch Delivery
Order mulch through us and don't worry about delivery. We will work with you to ensure a convenient time and place for delivery at no extra charge.
Professional Mulch Installation
Take the hassle out of mulching. Our experienced team we will make the mulching process easy; from delivery to installation.

Windwood Mulch Selection

We offer a variety of mulch options. The most popular is Brown Mulch, with a beautiful high-quality natural golden brown color that maintains its appearance throughout the season.
Brown Mulch
Red Mulch
Hardwood Mulch

Looking For Something Else?

No two yards are the same. If you don't see the mulch you are looking for, let us know and we will be happy to custom order mulch to fit your specific needs.

How We Approach Mulch Installation

Windwood uses a professional bed edger to ensure a clean-cut edge. We do this so that grass will not jump into your beds. This gives your lawn a manicured appearance around the beds.

Our team will also pull and spray weeds to make sure we are working with a clean foundation.

Fast & Reliable

You can count on Windwood to get the job done right.

Fully Insured Lawn Care

Our team and equipment are fully insured with professional training.

Local Business

Based in Saugatuck, Michigan serving the greater Douglas and Holland area.

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